How do I join the BCCA?
Easy, you can email us at: or you can can join us at one of our meetings. Go to our homepage for information on the next general meeting.

What happens at BCCA General Meetings?
We hold monthly general membership meetings except for July and August.  At our meetings we cover subjects that effect our community as well as listening to issues members bring to us.

We try to have guest speakers at every meeting. Some of our past guest speakers include; local elected officials, representatives from the NYPD, FDNY, and Sanitation to name a few.

The meetings usually last about an hour and light refreshments are served.

Is there a membership fee?
An annual $10.00 per household membership fee is required for membership.

How long has the BCCA been serving our community?
The BCCA has been serving our community since 1935! We are celebrating our 80th anniversary this year.

What does the BCCA do for our community?
The BCCA dedicates itself to represent our area and members toward protection and preservation of the suburban lifestyle. We will work with other organizations such as the Bellerose Business District, Neighboring Civics, 105th Precinct Community Council, Queens Civic Congress, Community Board 13Q, and local elected officials to ensure close attention to local issues and coordination of effort to resolve them.

We send out monthly newsletters which along with this website, blog, Facebook account, twitter account, and email blasts help keep our members informed of local issues and announcements.