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Meeting called to order by Lourdes 8:10PM
Present: Lourdes Hartrick, Rich Hellenbrecht, Jeff Hubar, Lauren Fiorentino, Indra Seepersaud, Tony & Liz Aguilar, Mickael Mallia, John Rey, Manny Aranda, Ginnie Werner
Absent: Jim Delaney
Lourdes -  opened discussion on the Creedmore migrant tent city.  There was a meeting last week with Donovan Richards and Sen Meeks.
- Busses have been added from Creedmore to 179th St exclusively for the migrants free of charge.  The purpose is so they can get to jobs which are paid under the table as work permits have not been legalized yet
- Work permit issue is tied up in Congress and nothing is being done.  White House cannot help
- If anyone sees questionable behavior e.g. alcohol they should take photos and forward to Richards
- Richards wants to continue to have meetings with Civics to monitor the situation
- People coming in for the purpose of getting a better job are being sent back to their home countries.  Migrants actually fleeing danger to themselves and their families are being processed.
Tony - voiced his opinions about migrant entitlements and globalization.
Lauren - problem is with the issues in the home countries causing the migration
Indra - will migrants receive COVID vaccines?
Lourdes - There are tables at Creedmore to do intake every day to council, check health status and aid where they can.  Is there a system in place for orientation for the rules that apply to them?
Important to remember that we should not assume that all migrants are criminals.
If they have not been able to move out within 60 days they have to go back to the Roosevelt Hotel and be processed through again.
Ginnie - if they are just hanging around by the tent area it is because they have nowhere to go.  Some are being sent onward to other cities where they have actual intake appointments.  They should not have been sent to NYC in the first place.
Manny - NYC is a Sanctuary City - law or proclamation?  Answered by Michael - it is law going back many years.
Lourdes - Sen Toby will be at general meeting on 9/7.  Asked for questions/topics.
Michael Mallia - ADU's and land use - infrastructure, schools,  vaccines for migrant children prior to entering school
Lourdes - Governor offering $125,000 incentive to build tiny homes in back yards.
Mall at Belmont Land by UBS arena - building started, now stalled.
House/Temple on Commonwealth
- Michael advised BSA land use meeting coming.
- Lourdes - can we arrange for a meeting local to the house so that local residents can voice complaints that already exist - parking, noise, garbage etc.
Lourdes - agenda for general meeting: Sen Toby, Representatives from other offices, old business, new business
Meeting adjourned 9:35PM