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(Meeting at Lauren Fiorentino's home)
Called to order by Lourdes at 8:20 PM
Present: Lauren, John Rey, Jeff Huvar, Ginnie, Manny, Lourdes, Liz, Tony, Indra, Rich, Jim
Absent: Michael Mallia
Lourdes - recapped QB13 meeting on 10/23
- Vote taken on Raising Cane restaurant in Laurelton. Residents objected but vote was approved
- Oct 16 land use meeting for Hindu temple on Commonwealth Ave.  This only addressed land use, not noise & traffic considerations.
Floor area increase, front decreased from 15' to 10' and side area decreased, "summer kitchen" in cellar with stairs to outside exit, building to be square box with 2nd floor for use by priest only, not meetings or residential, increase from 19 to 65 people legal as long as there are no fixed chairs.  Lourdes stated that now it is for 19 and they have 80-100 people.  If increased to 65 it go up to 200 people.
Registering as a House of Worship is legal. Architect Dilep said he/they are a "friend of people" and felt it is a "slap in the face" to tell them they should buy a bigger piece of property. He was told that they are not being good neighbors now, noise late at night, illegal parking etc. Building design does not fit with the character of the community.  Only one agency ( ??:) might have oversight on having too many people, but they would never come out to inspect.  50 members of CB - vote 35 support rejecting proposal, 7 in favor of the design and 15 abstentions (57 votes?) but CB has no power to reject, can only "suggest" to BSA.  BSA will rule.
Indra - politicians do not want to get involved because it is a religious issue.
Lourdes - Linda Lee had a photo at the location but Lourdes will advise Linda of the issues and that we are against it.
Indra - suggest possible parking permits for residents in the area by the temple.  This seems to be done in Nassau county but probably not Queens
Jeff - Unless health or safety issues can be proven the BSA will approve.
BSA date not yet announced.
- Nov 2 General Meeting - Lourdes will be out of town.
Main Speaker - Bellerose Branch Librarian - ESL classed being offered to migrants
DOT speaker invited for update on Hillside Safety Improvements
Jim - A loading zone is being added in front of Patel's and bus stopped moved further up the block.  Trucks ignore and double park anyway.  251st Street will have a "pedestrian refuge" and left turns will not be allowed from Hillside onto 251st Street.  Jim said that traffic will all then make turns onto 252.
Lauren - requested Constant Comments email to announce time change for book club meeting
Jim - Reading garden - plumbing finished & fence posts up.  May be done by the end of November
Lauren - ADU issue with Mayor Adams being revived again.  Lauren read a list of what is being proposed and asked which of the issues we would be willing to accept.  The Board stated "none."
Lourdes - recommended and we voted to agree to contribute $500 to Paul Graziano as an urban planner to fight the ADU issue
Tony - heard rumor that Creedmore tent city was increasing to 5000 people.  Lourdes said not to her knowledge but would follow up.  Most of the bike racks have been moved to inside the property.  There is discussion of adding a "living room" tent addition.  There is already a cafeteria but adding more social space may keep migrants from wandering outside the tent area.
Indra asked if the migrants must be vaccinated.  Lourdes advised that there is a medical processing when they arrive and again when the get to the tent city.
Jim - said there are reports on 248 & 248 streets that migrants have been going into peoples yards and going through trash for recycles, etc.  Nothing can be done unless photos with time stamp are submitted for proof.
Protest planned for Saturday 10/28 organized by Bernard Chow & Curtis Sliwa. Phil Malizia is upset that no one seems to be supporting Chow and is upset that Sliwa is being told to stay away.
Nominating Committee - Ginnie & Jim re Phil Malizia.  Jim set up a 3-way conversation with Phil.  He was under the impression that Nominating Committee was a year round thing - was advised only a couple of months per year before elections.  Phil wants to be on the Board.  Jim read the section of bylaws about nominations & voting.  Advised Phil that the current 4 board members up for reelection want to remain on the board so if Phil wants to run for one of the seats he must be nominated, or nominate himself, and actual election will be held at December meeting.
It was agreed by all that Phil is a disruptive influence and may not understand how our meetings are conducted.  He must be a dues paying member and if he nominates himself he will need a "2nd" and the group of people who were at the George Santos meeting (who were part of the disruptive group) do not live in our civic area, are not members and cannot second not vote.  Lourdes advised that the same group was very disruptive at the recent Build-A-Block meeting.  Tony is not positive what their motives are.
Next board meeting will be Nov 28 and next General Meeting Dec 7.  It will be out Holiday Party and also recognize Block Captains.
Move to adjourn 10PM.
Virginia M. Werner
Bellerose Commonwealth Civic Assn Board of Directors 2022-2024