Make Compost, Not Trash

BCCA Board Member John Reh with NYC Sanitation Department Organics Outreach Associate Chris Stadmeyer at the DSNY’s Mobile Command Center.  One of our BCCA members had noticed there were very few brown recycling bins for organics at the curbs of homes in Bellerose on garbage collection days.  Knowing about their education program, she contacted Sanitation and they quickly responded by scheduling and advertising a visit to Bellerose (Hillside Ave. & 251 St.) for May 23, 2019.  Chris and other reps provided information about how NYC food scraps and yard waste are recycled into finished compost.  Free leaf bags and small bags of compost and educational materials were distributed. (Residents were able to pick up 4 large bags of the free compost at a Sanitation Dept. compost give-away at the Creed Farm the following week.)
The curbside organics recycling is expected to become mandatory in 2020.  But please start NOW!  Organics can be placed in your brown bin (if you place them in a plastic bag first, any one will do; special decomposing plastic bags are not necessary for this program.)